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The passion of Montage dentistry is to allow individuals to feel an amazing comfort as they enter a peaceful and calming environment, welcomed by a personal staff and cared for by compassionate and confident professionals.

Relax and enjoy our dental spa which offers the most advance techniques and equipment in a serene environment.

We know from your first visit, you will be a patient for life.

Click now And arrange a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kaiser and staff.

We look forward to meeting you.

Cosmetic Dentist Los Alamitos

All the credentials in the world do not make you the Michelangelo in dentistry. Your cosmetic dentist¹s natural artistic talents are the most defining factor in determining how beautiful your smile will be. When making porcelain veneers, most cosmetic dentists allow the laboratory ceramist to determine critical aesthetic proportions like tooth shape, width, angle, length and design. Dr. Kaiser is among the few world-wide who takes ownership for determining all these critical aesthetic factors by designing a mock up on the patient¹s own teeth. This scale model process that Dr. Kaiser created is called Divine Aesthetic Solutions. This process allows the patient to preview the final result. A resin replica is then used as a temporary veneer, which permits the patient to evaluate their Divine smile. The lab will then use this mock-up as their guide to complete your final porcelain veneers and reproduce exactly how Dr. Kaiser designed the aesthetics proportions. Dr. Kaiser has the credentials and the ability to naturally create the perfect smile from color to shaping your teeth, making your smile a true master piece.

Dr. Kaiser is the best kept secret in cosmetic dentistry today. Dr. Kaiser is committed to her patients and remains a low profile with regards to press and the privacy of her patients. Our Cosmetic dentistry approach is distinctive and precise creating a Runway smile for every patient.

At times our patient requires rejuvenation of the foundation of their mouths to acquire optimal results in the cosmetic dentistry process. Dr. Kaiser looks at restorative and function to ensure that the smile she designed today looks divine for decades to come. A new smile not only enhances your smile, but changes your life.

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